The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is actively processing Al-Huda University’s application for the Certificate of Authority.

This program will be resumed upon approval.

Master’s Degree in Islamic Education

Our Master’s in Islamic Education program encompasses two different tracks.  Completing the two tracks successfully (40 credit hours) would entitle the candidate to earn a Master’s Degree in Islamic Education.  Completing the Islamic Studies and Their Teaching Methodology track only (total of 19 credit hours) would result in getting a diploma in Islamic Studies.  While completing the Teacher Certification track (21 credit hours) would make the student a Certified Teacher.

Additionally, certified teachers, who already have their teacher certificate from a different university, can still take the Islamic Studies track, in which Al-Huda will accept their teacher certificate as dual credit and grant them a Master’s Degree in Islamic Education.


Diploma in Islamic Studies & Their Teaching Methodology Course List:

Course CodeCourse NameCr. Hrs.Pre-Requisites
MAIE610Teachings of The Holy Quran3None
MAIE620Methods of Teaching Arabic3None
MAIE630Arabic Grammar2None
MAIE640Tajweed Sciences2None
MAIE650Islamic Creed3None
MAIE660Islamic Law3None
MAIE700Research Methods in Education3None

Teacher Certification Course List:

Course CodeCourse NameCr. Hrs.Pre-Requisites
MAIE710Models of Teaching3None
MAIE720Application 1: The Teacher in the Classroom (Internship)3None
MAIE730Human Development & Learning3None
MAIE740Application 2: Project / Thesis3None
MAIE750Effective Classroom Management/Disipline3None
MAIE760Cultural & Social Foundation of American Education3None
MAIE770Introduction to the Use of Multimedia & Instructional Technology in Education3None
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