GEN101 College Algebra

Course Description:

This course gives a detailed study of: quadratic equations, inequalities, Polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and exponential functions; systems of equations; matrices; and determinants.

Course Code: GEN101

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: None

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the concepts related to functions and their inverses
  • Students will identify and graph quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions as well as the conic sections; and will successfully demonstrate the application and knowledge of their properties to real world situations
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in solving linear and non-linear systems using various algebraic, matrix, and graphical methods
  • Students will graphically represent the solutions to inequalities and system of inequalities that involve two variables
  • Students will use appropriate theorems and techniques to locate the roots of second and higher degree polynomial equations
  • Students will use the notation and formulae associated with arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of binomial expansion, Pascal’s triangle, and combinatorial formulae
  • Students will use technology appropriately in problem solving and in exploring and developing mathematical concepts

This course is designed as a review of advanced topics in algebra for science and engineering students who plan to take the calculus sequence in preparation for their various degree programs. It is also intended for non-technical students who need college mathematics credits to fulfill requirements for graduation and prerequisites for other courses. It is generally transferable as math credit for non-science majors to other disciplines.

Course Outline:

1. Solve algebraic equations and inequalities involving linear and nonlinear expressions.
• Solve Quadratic Equations in one variable by the method of factoring, square root property, completing the square and the quadratic formula.
• Solve radical equations, fractional equations, and equations of quadratic form.
• Solve linear inequalities and linear equations involving absolute value, state the solution in interval notation, and graph the solution.
• Solve non-linear (quadratic and rational) inequalities, state the solution in interval notation, and graph the solution.
• Solve exponential and logarithmic equations.
• Solve systems of linear and nonlinear in two variables.

2. Examine and interpret the graphs of circles, polynomial functions, rational functions, basic functions, and their transformations.
• Find the distance and midpoint between two points in the Cartesian Plane.
• Recognize the equation of a straight line, graph the equation of a straight line, find the slope and intercepts of a line, know the relationship between the slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines, and be able to determine the equation of a line.
• Graph linear functions, quadratic functions, piecewise-defined functions, absolute value functions, polynomial functions, rational functions, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions.
• Understand vertical and horizontal shifts, stretching, shrinking, and reflections of graphs of functions.
• Recognize the equation of a circle, sketch the graph of a circle, and find the equation of a circle.
• Determine the rational zeros of a polynomial.

3. Apply the basic knowledge of a function in order to simplify functions, combine functions, and solve application problems involving linear and nonlinear functions.
• Apply the definition of a function, determine the domain and range of a function, evaluate expressions involving functional notation, simplify expressions involving the algebra of functions, graph functions by plotting points, use the definition.
• Understand the inverse relationship between the exponential and logarithmic functions.

4. Perform basic matrix operations.

Main Textbook

Algebra For College Students, 7/e By Lial, Hornsby & McGinnis

Grading and Evaluation:

  • Minimum passing grade 70%
  • Participation: 50% (10 assignments, 5% each)
  • First exam: 20%
  • Second Exam: 20%
  • Final exam: 10%

Communication Etiquette:

  • Post all your questions related to the course to the (Online Test) forum.
  • If sending emails directly to the lecturer, please include appropriate label in the subject line (Action Required/Info/Admin) and allow up to 3 working days for reply.
  • Limit telephone communication with the Lecturer to within specified office hours only.
  • When leaving a voicemail, please clearly state your name, course code, and contact number.

Additional Information:

Log in Instructions:

To attend live – online lectures (on their scheduled time):

Virtual Class Room

Access the course on-line by logging into Online School, accessible from

Al-Huda Online School

You will need a user name and password to:

  • View the recorded lectures if you missed the live online ones.
  • Interact with your teacher and classmates.
  • Upload and submit your assignments, research papers, and exams.
  • View your grades.
  • All attempt must be made to submit assignments by the agreed due dates. Late submissions will be penalized.
  • Weekly materials and graded assignments will be posted onto the site by Monday – in sha Allah.
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